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Give Me All of Your Attention: A History of Micro Video — Yureka Cash
Hyperpetty — Michael Stumpf
The Coup We are Not Talking About — Shoshana Zuboff
Excessive posting of selfies is associated with increase in narcissism — Swansea University
Is Social Media to Blame for the Rise in Narcissism? — Lisa Firestone
How Facebook has flattened Human Communication — David Auerbach
Somos menos felices y menos productivos que nunca porque somos adictos — Marta Peirano
Philosopher Byung Chul-Han and the Hell where everything’s the same
William Gibson Says Today’s Internet Is Nothing Like What He Envisioned — Tom Vitale
Great Day in the Evening — Ken Kowlton (1996)
Design as Participation — Kevin Slavin

The Dangers of Self-Expression — Adam Curtis
Self-Identity is a Bad Visual System — Susanne von Falkenhausen
How Cognitive Bias can Explain Post-Truth — Lee McIntyre
In the digital age cognitive biases are running wild — Martin Weigert
Wikipedia List of Cognitive Biases
Anexo: Sesgos Cognitivos
A la búsqueda de antídotos contra el empoderamiento de la ignorancia — Ana Campo
What Monks Can Teach Us About Paying Attention. Lessons from a centuries-long war against distraction — Casey Cep

How Platform Capitalism Devalued the Music Industry — DeForrest Brown, Jr.
Assessing Social Media’s Impact in Electronic Music — Chandler Shortlidge
How Social Media is Changing Music — Chandler Shortlidge
The Social Conscience of Generative Art — Lindsay Caplan
The limitations of AI art — Lars Holdhus

The ethics of Human Extinction — Émile P Torres (Editat per Sam Dresser)
Collapse of Civilisation is the Most Likely Outcome. Top Climate Scientists — Asher Moses
El Niño Is Coming—and the World Isn’t Prepared — Bill Mc Guire
There’s no planet B — Arwen E Nicholson (Editat per Pam Weintraub)
Mass Climate Migration Is Coming — Gaia Vince
It might take a while before history starts again — Anton Jäger
The world after coronavirus — Yuval Noah Harari
La emergencia viral y el mundo de mañana — Entrevista Byung-Chul Han
The Radical Equality of Lives — Entrevista amb Judith Butler
What Happened to TCF? — Lars Holdhus
Damaged Earth Catalog

Food Security and Climate Change: A Critical Warning for Humanity (Fil de Twitter) — Jim Baird
“The Myth of Progress” (Fil de Twitter) — Stephen Barlow
The Climate Crisis and COVID-19 Are Inseparable — Drew Pendergrass, Troy Vettese
La vacuna del coronavirus ya la teníamos, y nos la hemos cargado — Entrevista a Fernando Valladares
El tecnooptimisme és una fugida al futur que evita ocupar-se del present — Entrevista a Fernando Valladares
Is climate change causing the heatwave? Here’s the simple science behind Europe’s worrying weather — Lottie Limb
In a World on Fire, Stop Burning Things — Bill McKibben

Viure al camp i del camp és un acte de resistència sobrehumà — Arrels
UN Report Says Humanity Has Altered 70 Percent of the Earth’s Land, Putting the Planet on a ‘Crisis Footing’ — Georgina Gustin
Review: ‘The Buddha’s Footprint: An environmental history of Asia’ — Micah Muscolino
Getting Lucky in Thailand: Or How to Coexist with Coronaviruses in Multispecies Contact Zones — Eben Kirksey, Areeya Tivasuradej, Blake Palmer, Myint Than, Anne Atchara Changwong, Pietro Lo Casto, and Maya Kóvskaya

The Forest for the Trees — David Peisner
Buddhist Anarchism — Gary Snider
Buddhism and Anarchism — Reflections on the eco-anarchism of Gary Snyder —Brian Morris
The Last Resort Lagunitas — David Lee Hoffman
This software developer is using AI to imagine a more natural, car-free world — Andrew J. Hawkins

Translocal Institute for Contemporary Art

On Meditation and the Unconscious: A Buddhist Monk and a Neuroscientist in Conversation — Matthieu Ricard, Wolf Singer
Six Kinds of Loneliness — Pema Chödron
The Shortcomings of Attachment — Lama Yeshe
The Ekman’s Atlas of Emotions
Social Meditation
The Powerful Role of Magical Beliefs in Our Everyday Thinking — Gustav Kuhn

Plant Humanities
Why local legends about birds matter — Jim Robbins
Mushrooms communicate with each other using up to 50 ‘words’, scientist claims — Linda Geddes
Amo, Ergo Cogito: A Philosopher on Love as a Way of Seeing — Chad Engelland
Deleuze, Western Philospophy and the Endless Reversing of the Sock, the Concept, a Sisyphean Task, Oneness of Being, Zen and the Ever Chatting Mind — Kone, Krusos, Kronos Blog
Monstrous, Duplicated, Potent. On Donna Haraway — Alyssa Battistoni
The Degrowth Toolbox for Artistic Practices
The Case for Degrowth

Is Consciousness Everywhere? — Christof Koch
How Did Consciousness Evolve? An Illustrated Guide — Simona Ginsburg, Eva Jablonka
How Our Reality May Be a Sum of All Possible Realities — Charlie Wood


Gary Snyder at the Brockport Writers Forum

Rachel Carson | American Experience

Psicoterapia Divergente (Canal de Youtube)
The Distracted Mind — Adam Gazzaley
nuučaan̂uułatḥin We Are Nuu-chah-nulth

Social Media and The Psychology of Loneliness  (8:51) — Academy of Ideas
The Addict in Us All: How Smartphones are Creating a Population of Addicts (7:51) — Academy of Ideas

The Century of the Self — Adam Curtis
Part 1: “Happiness Machines” (58:45)
Part 2: “The Engineering of Consent” (58:52)
Part 3: “There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads; He Must Be Destroyed.” (58:50)
Part 4: “Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering” (59:03)

Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses (11:50) — Academy of Ideas


Disorderland — Diagnosis Is Not A Privilege w/ Maggie Leppert
How Degrowth Will Save the World with Jason Hickel (In Conversation)
Stories of Indigenous Resistance and Regeneration (Documentary)


The Future is Degrowth:
A Guide to a World Beyond Capitalism
— Matthias Schmelzer, Aaron Vansintjan and Andrea Vetter

Less is More. How Degrowth Will Save the World — Jason Hickel

Menos es más. Cómo el decrecimiento salvará al mundo — Jason Hickel

The Dawn of Everything — David Graeber, David Wengrow
El Amanecer de Todo — David Graeber, David Wengrow

Nada. Tres indagaciones sobre el budismo — Marcus Boon, Eric Cazdyn, Timothy Morton
Nothing. Three Inquiries in Budhism — Marcus Boon, Eric Cazdyn, Timothy Morton

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism — Ghögyam Trungpa
Mas allá del materialismo espiritual — Ghögyam Trungpa

Art and Sustainability — Sacha Kagan

Steps to an Ecology of Mind — Gregory Bateson

The Path of Aliveness: A Contemporary Zen Approach to Awakening Body and Mind — Christian Dillo

Beyond the Self — Mathieu Ricard, Wolf Singer

After Death — François J. Bonnet

The Parasite — Michel Serres

Why the Dalai Lama is a Socialist — Terry Gibbs

The Twittering Machine. How capitalism stole our social life — Richard Seymour
La máquina de Trinar — Richard Seymour

Platform Capitalism — Nick Srnicek
Capitalismo de Plataformas — Nick Srnicek

Against the Anthropocene — T.J. Demos
Contra el Antropoceno — T.J. Demos

Discognition — Steven Shaviro

La revolución de una brizna de paja — Masanobu Fukuoka
The One-Straw Revolution — Masanobu Fukuoka

Tornar als remeis de sempre. Pocions Unguents i Herbes Medicinals — Fra Valentí Serra de Manresa